Patient Information

We hope that you find your experience with McIlwain Medical Group to be a pleasant one. To help you prepare for your visit the following information and related forms are available:




Check your prescription bottles to see when a refill is needed and please give us 10 days notice.  Please note, no pain medication will be called in over the weekend, NO EXCEPTIONS.  If your insurance company refuses to pay for a certain medication, please discuss it with your physician. We will do our best to work with your insurance company.

Laboratory Services

Understanding that diagnostic testing is fundamental to managing a patient’s health, McIlwain Medical Group provides an on-site laboratory for its patients. Not only is the laboratory licensed by the State of Florida, but it is also accredited by COLA, a private organization that promotes excellence in laboratory medicine as it monitors compliance with CLIA, the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment. On multiple occasions, our laboratory has received the Laboratory Excellence Award which is awarded by COLA only to laboratories that demonstrate continued accuracy in the performance of proficiency testing, adhere to rigorous standards of quality, and pass a comprehensive on-site laboratory survey.

Our full service laboratory has a team of skilled individuals dedicated to providing high quality, accurate lab results. We perform clinical chemistry, hematology, urinalysis, and immunoassay testing with rapid turnaround times. For the convenience of our patients, we offer blood drawing services for in-house testing as well as for most specimens that are to be sent to an insurance-contracted laboratory such as Quest Diagnostics, BayCare Laboratory or Lab Corp. Although the laboratory is located at our Central Tampa office, blood specimens may be collected at our North Tampa office as well.

  • Quest Diagnostic Laboratory
  • BayCare Laboratory
  • Lab Corporation of America
Lab Medical Director: Harris H McIlwain, M.D.
Specimen Collection Hours: Mon – Fri 8:00am – 4:00pm
Bone Density Scans

McIlwain Medical Group has a distinguished history of diagnosing and treating low bone mass in our Osteoporosis Care Center. We were one of the first facilities on Florida’s west coast to have the equipment for bone densitometry and vertebral fracture assessment. Our experience includes participation in over 40 clinical trials for the development of the currently prescribed osteoporosis medications. Our physicians are the co-authors of Reversing Osteopenia and have a commitment to helping you prevent bone loss.

Osteoporosis causes bones to become weak and they can break more easily. It can be a silent disease with many people unaware of their low bone mass until they suffer a fracture. Some of the risk factors for developing low bone mass may include: age, family history, previous fracture, small frame, fair complexion, smoking, height loss, postmenopausal state, a diet low in calcium and vitamin D, a sedentary lifestyle, low testosterone, and use of glucocorticoid medications. Please discuss these risk factors with your doctor. Osteoporosis prevention is key to your health and well-being. Fractures can cause pain, disability, and even lead to death.

Bone density (DXA) is simple, safe, and painless. All scans are ordered by and interpreted by a physician. We accept most insurance policies including Medicare and PPO commercial plans (no HMO’s). If your physician is not with this practice, we can still perform your DXA scan along with a same day result consultation. A written order is required.

For your convenience, the scanner is located at our Central Tampa Office.

Lab and X-Ray Results

Due to HIPAA restrictions and personnel limitations, no lab or xray results will be given over the telephone.  If you would like the results of your lab or xrays, please make an appointment to discuss them with your physician.

Hospital Visits

Our doctors continue to provide their expertise with Rheumatology consults and coordinate care with select hospitalist groups for our patients when hospitalized.  We believe providing continuity of care to be an important part of the doctor-patient relationship, providing full 365-day-a-year coverage to St. Joseph’s Hospital and Florida Hospital- Tampa.

Medical Records

Access to your medical records online can be made available. You will also have the opportunity to securely request appointments and make payments with your credit card.